We value the authenticity of the “Apulian beauty”, between food, fashion and territory.
It promotes an inspired and conscious lifestyle in living, dressing and eating. A total branding that starts from the idea of ​​rekindling the “taste for life”.

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Immerse yourself in multi-sensorial experiences of values, memories, diversity, with prosperous actions towards a future that preserves the environment and people.


Accompanying wishes for happiness

La nostra VISION

Accompagnare desideri di felicità

Between history and legend

The name of the group is inspired by the love story between Bianca Lancia D’Agliano and Emperor Frederick II.
It is a story that deals about passion, beauty, a sense of belonging and care.


The history of the Group

The project linked to Food Fashion and Territory was born from the idea of ​​Laura Borrelli and shared with her business partner Roland Winkler. It was inspired by the common love for Apulia and the desire to good living. The link with Germany and the passion for Apulia are at the origin of the choice of the name. The company is immediately strengthened in the family unit with the active business participation of the two sisters-in-law Paola Lazzarini and Mary Santodirocco.

“The idea derives from the passion for food, for fashion and for the territory to which I belong”.

In creating a new label, a new packaging, in setting up a stand, I have always been inspired by the world of fashion.

“My authentic quality for aesthetics has pushed me to always cultivate a sense of beauty and I have tried to transmit it to others”.

As a result of many years’ experience in the world of food and which has been enriched by travel, meeting different people, being placed in different situation, and, most importantly, by living in the center of Europe, I had the idea to promote all over the world the special characteristics that distinguish Italians: “food, fashion and territory”.

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The brands of the group

Noora B, Arte and Dalla Terra di Re Manfredi