The life of most people constantly tends to balance ample moments of reassuring habits with others of seeking novelty and diversity.
There are, then, epochs in which the context in which we live presents external forces that significantly affect both our habits and the orientation of the innovations we want to pursue. Here, then, we face moments of discontinuity, with greater or lesser personal propensity. We look for them and we are willing to reconsider our schemes and canons of choice and decision.

Gruppo Bianca Lancia D’Agliano addresses the world of those who feel both the need to find and rediscover the serenity of history, traditions and cultural roots that comfort the soul in feeling rooted in handed down values ​​and the need to explore and discover emotional spaces stimulated by new experiences that accompany the spheres of beauty, of the good, of the healthy and that respect the sustainability of the system in which all one’s activities are lived.

What we consider important

We have realized that there may be more adequate ways to create and live market realities in business, not excluding but re-understanding aspects that are in support of a real network of values. Thanks to this awareness, we have come to consider these issues as important:

  • Culture in the territory – Sharing values ​​and culture that respect the environment and people

  • Adopting a system – Cultivate a company dynamism that enables a widespread network in the territory in full harmony with intentions

  • Social prosperity – To make one’s actions evolve so that the needs of those in relationship with us are taken care of in a logic and motion of reciprocity

  • Innovation and technology at the service of a sustainable evolution – Access the continuous search for improvements in a progression that is adequate to all the forces at play

What direction do we want to pursue

If we consider actively the previous issues, we are convinced that we can best address the choices of how:

  • Organize a complex of entrepreneurial realities, which are connected to each other in support of goals – oriented as a response to certain needs in the ecosystem to which it is proposed – considered within the reach of one’s commitment and support

  • Biomaterials, recycling of materials and sustainable materials not only as an alternative to each other but which are in support of a constant lowering of the impact that human action has on the environment, embracing as much as possible the circular economy and the green economy

  • Functionalization of products and experiences so that the realization of the offer of the complex is always absorbed by actual request in response to expressed needs

  • Organizational innovation even before product, service and experience, because only sustainability, quality, efficiency, reliability, strength and organizational timeliness make the offer made adequate for those with internal needs (those who work in companies) and external (customers)

Principles we believe in and follow

Without prejudice to the value of the second themes, we consider the address of the first to be more important to involve all who are part of the complex of Bianca Lancia D’Agliano so that they feel part of multiform experiences and an evolution of value for all. These are the principles we follow:

  • We emphasize methods to make the environment suitable for enhancing the contribution of all

  • We promote the logic of continuous dissemination of information within the complex that allows full sharing of the Culture and the purposes set by the Vision and Mission of the system;

  • We accompany – as far as pertinent to a business context – the human development of people so that they know how to develop attention to the systemic vision in their own context as well as the more specifically technical one of their sector of expertise

  • We promote the most complete traceability of the origin of materials and products to always stimulate attention to the healthy and sustainable care

  • We prefer the interoperability of the supply chain to participate in a co-generation and co-operation to achieve the aimes of the system and, consequently, we believe in the value of company networks

  • We put the emphasis on widespread security issues in every area of ​​action because we care about the well-being of each component of the system network

  • We promote at all levels the adoption of technologies that allow virtualization in every phase of activity, to allow a concrete saving of material to be used in any part of the production cycle

  • We accompany all the participants in the various production phases to consider solutions that allow them to make their business sustainable, as well as effective and efficient

  • We are convinced that collaborative planning and open innovation are sources of greatest benefit for many areas of action in the development phases

  • We pay particular attention to evaluating the opportunity to privilege customized production / customization solutions for products and services to further make the business less impactful both at the company level and for the system

  • We promote the “omni-channel” approach

  • We consider that the companies of the complex – in addition to product activities, services, experiences – are also “media companies” that can convey in their communication not only the business offer but also the culture and values ​​that are the founding basis of the reality of the complex Bianca Lancia D’Agliano Group

  • We believe that it is always necessary to look carefully at possible business models as long as they are aimed at an increasingly prosperous enhancement of each component of the Bianca Lancia d’Agliano complex system

  • We place emphasis on the issues of reuse of materials discarded from any production cycle in order to ensure